e-ditor, the tool that will help you create and maintain your digital catalog

Easy to use. You can easily create and manage your own digital contents catalog, editing them, giving them style and exporting them as many times as you need, and in the format that you want (ePUB, HTML5, SCORM, ...).

With the advantages of the cloud
Access your catalog anywhere. No installation is needed. No technical complications. From any device.
  • Changes to your contents do not need to be updated nor synchronized.
  • E-ditor is offered as a service, so it doesn’t require installing additional software. Updates are automatic.
Enriched contents
E-ditor allows you to enrich your texts and to transform them into interactive books and workbooks.
  • Add definitions, links, footnotes, and references to your text.
  • Transform content elements into notes, references, and reminders.
  • Add multimedia elements (video, images, flash components,...).
  • Enrich your educative workbooks with interactive activities.
One content, many formats
e-ditor works with standards. Your contents will be in HTML5 and you can package them in EPUB, for literary creations, and SCORM for educative contents.
Personalized styles
Give your contents a different and personal style, and adapt this style as needed.
In e-ditor you will find a large collection of templates you can use in your contents. If they don’t fit your needs, you can change them or ask us for an exclusive template for your creations.

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