Conditions of use

1. Identification of the company
e-ditor (from now on, the Service) is property of the company Enxenio S.L. (in the rest of the text Enxenio), with CIF B15879653, social address in Estrada dos Baños de Arteixo, Edif. San Cristovo, Portal 2º esq. 15008 A Coruña (Spain), inscribed in the Rexistro Mercantil de A Coruña, Tomo 2.713, Folio 42, Folla C-30.922 (inscription number 1).
2. Acceptance of the conditions of use
By using this service, you assume have read and accepted the present Conditions of use: (it is recommended to print a copy of the conditions for later reading). Enxenio preserves the right to carry on updates on the present conditions, that will be published in the Updates section at the end of this page, and that will become effective in the data and way indicated. For this reason, you should check this Conditions of use regularly to check the mentioned updates.
3. User accounts
In order to use the Service, you must create a user account and introduce your personal information, that must be correct and complete.In fulfillment of the Lei Orgánica de Protección de Datos de Carácter Persoal (LOPD) (Spain’s personal data protection law) we inform you that the personal data you provide us (through the register form or any other channel), will be incorporated to a file owned by ENXENIO S.L., adequately inscribed in the Axencia de Protección de Datos (Spanish agency for data protection), with the only and exclusive purpose of managing the required services and maintaining the contractual relation if this were stablished. You can exercise at any moment your access, correction, cancelation and opposition rights recognized in the LOPD by sending a mail to guarantees that the adequate security measures have been adopted to guarantee the confidentiality of personal data, as well as it guarantees that these data will not be used for purposes different to those aforementioned above. By creating a user account and accepting these conditions, you explicitly assume the responsibility about all the activity associated to that account, both with respect to Enxenio as well as any other responsibility with respect to third parties that could be derived from the use of the Service. Moreover, you commit not to evade, deactivate, or manipulate in any way (or try to evade, deactivate, or manipulate) the security measures of the Service. Any sign of a malicious or fraudulent use of the Service will be communicated to the corresponding authorities.It is very important that you maintain your password in a sage and confidential way. In case you detect an unauthorized access to your account, should you notify us immediately.
4. Payment services
In addition to the free plan, we offer different payment plans for the use of the Service, that vary depending on the number of users you could define in your accound, and on the maximum storage space that you could use to store your contents in the server.To formalize the purchase of some of the payment plans, you should contact Enxenio by sending an email to, or by any other cannel that you can find in the contact section of your web page. The minimum period for a payment plan is one month. In case you exceed the maximum storage space for the purchased plan, the Service will not be immediately interrupted, but we will offer a period of 10 days to solve the situation (either via the reduction of the used storage space or by the purchase of a higher service plan). Once the 10 days period has finished and in case the situation has not been solved, Enxenio has the right to interrupt the access to the Service.You can change your plan in any moment to a higher plan. In this case, the amount corresponding to the remaining period (measured in days) of the former plan will be withdrawn from the price of the newly purchased plan. The special Service use licenses for members of the education community or other non-profit organizations are not subject to the conditions presented in this document. In those cases, it will be mandatory the establishment and acceptance, explicitly and from both parts, of the particular conditions of the use of the Service.
5. Intellectual property and use of the contents
When accessing the Service through any of the payment plans and under the conditions established in the previous section, you maintain the exclusive intellectual property on the contents created in your account. However, in case of using the Service under the free plan, you explicitly trespass the rights of accessing and using without limit (including commercial use) of your contents, which does not limit any use of them you can do.
6. Limitations or responsibility exclusions.
In no case Enxenio would be responsable of the contents you create through this Service, nor of the consequences that could be derived from the use you make of them. You assume the responsibility on the contents created through the use of this Service.Enxenio commits to maintain the correct operation of the Service, but it is not responsible from the possible technical problems or any other mayor causes that could happen to temporally interrupt the service, or of the possible consequences that could derive from the mentioned interruptions. These causes include maintenance tasks and the setup of updates of the Service. In any case, Enxenio commits to try to solve any eventuality in the shortest time possible.
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