How it works

1. Define the structure

Defint in which parts you want to organize your book, didactiv unit, etc.

Define what each part will contain: text, exercises, links, ...

2. Create the index

Create the table of contents of your material

The contents will be immediately organized, following the defined structure

3. Write the texts

Edit the texts of the different sections.

Enrich them with multimedia elements, notes, reminders, definitions,...

4. Add other resources

Add activities (test, match exercises, short answer exercises, etc), glossaries of definitions, link sections, interactive scenarios...

5. Give them a style

Choose an style and change them whenever you want to obtain different presentations of your material.

If you want to create your own style, you can also do it!

6. Export as needed

Once you have elaborated the content, it is time for seeing the result.

Export it to the format you need: HTML, SCORM, ePUB, PDF...