Professional licenses

If you want to do a commercial use of digital contents created with e-ditor, you can get a professional license that make your contents PRIVATE. Mind that with free license, Enxenio S.L. keeps right to publish contents that you create in e-ditor.

With a professional license you can manage all your company catalog, with several people working collaboratively and with different roles. You will get access to the licence manager section, where you can manage licenses and assign them to your collaborators.

You can change your size to increase storage and number of collaborators when you want, mantaining your digital contents catalog.

Choose the size that fit your needs

5 users
500 MB storage
10 users
1 GB storage
25 users
2 GB storage
50 users
5 Gb storage
You can increase available storage space without changing size. Contact us for pricing.e-ditor special licenses available for members of the educational community and other nonprofit organizations.

No creative limitations

Because size should not limit your creativity, e-ditor will allow you to access all functions regardless of the size you choose. So you can change size when your workload increases, always enjoying all the creative options that the tool offers.

Custom templates

e-ditor includes a basic catalog style templates, which will expand, and offers the possibility to change the styles (colors, sizes, fonts etc) default template for which you want for a particular material.

If you require a template very different from those that exist (eg customized with the corporate image of your organization or with a signature looks for a particular collection of books), e-ditor have the ability to incorporate custom templates. Contact us and tell us what you need.

Free support

Although e-ditor is an easy-to-use tool and includes contextual help information at each stage of the creative process, with professional licenses we make availabe for you our support team, that will help you resolve your questions in less than 24 hours.